In July 2015, STAR Reefers Poland changed its name to SIEM Ship Management due to owners / management decision to diversify the fleet portfolio.


... a fleet to be proud of ...


SIEM Ship Management manages a young and diversified fleet of vessels for our most valued customers.

At SIEM Ship Management, our goal is simply to keep your vessels operating in a safe and effective manner with an absolute minimum of off hire - while ensuring compliance with our stringent control relating to quality, safety and the environment.

Our client's vessels are managed using our specialist knowledge, experience, up to date processes and systems that enable them to operate with maximum efficiency. Operating your Fleet under SIEM Ship Management offers more effective control over your assets; the vessels in your Fleet and the Crew who work on them.

Inspired by the desire to be "Best in Class", SIEM Ship Management provides first-class quality management services, which we believe based on our ability, allows us to perform to a high standard consistently.

SIEM Ship Management is your first choice for international ship management solutions as our group of onshore and offshore specialists are highly experienced in managing vessels of every type and age.


SIEM Ship Management fleet is chartered to companies which are among the best in the world in their field. The 800 employees of the group on shore and at sea are characterised by a high degree of specialist expertise and dedication. Our computer database contains over 5000 personal files of all ranks. Our seafarers are hardworking, loyal to the Company and well familiar with safe working practices and environmental procedures. In years 2007-2010 the Company successfully set up a "Cadets Sponsorship Program" to ensure that well-qualified and loyal human resources are delivered to our principals.

A business policy aimed at sound growth makes SIEM Ship Management an attractive company for employees who have the ambition to make a difference with their career. It is important for us to provide a modern and professional working environment and opportunities for promotion based on merit.

SIEM Ship Management (employing for STAR Reefers) has representatives offices in countries like: Russia (Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg), Ukraine (Odessa), Latvia (Riga) and Poland (Gdynia).

If you are interested in working for SIEM Ship Management you should apply to us.


"A Ship in a harbor is safe but this is not what a ship is built for"

Our technical department operates a fleet of vessels and supervises them on a daily basis within a Planned Budget. Our team of technical superintendents has the knowledge and experience on various types of vessels, not only as Ex-Chief Engineers, but also supported with their knowledge of Superintendency. Along with the team of purchase officers and repair technicians, they plan and carry out a full range of maintenance and repairs.

Full compliance with Flag Authorities and Class Society regulations, Sea and Air Pollution Prevention are kept to the highest standard. The vessel's equipment and machinery maintenance is monitored using Planned Maintenance Systems that allows adherence to strict Safety, Quality and Environmental procedures.


Every day we strive to raise the highest safety culture on board our managed vessels.

Although it is hard work, we are certain that we have taken the right course.


The SIEM Ship Management HSEQ Staff have taken the lead in promoting quality shipping. In fact, we have made it the focal point of our activities.

In our work and our daily contact with the vessels the results we create are designed to be useful, valuable and readily apparent to everyone. We have the courage to think new and big thoughts - and to find solutions which work in everyday life.



SIEM Ship Management Sp. z o. o.

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